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Touchdown celebrations are often unique and quite amusing. There was no telling what Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens would do whenever they scored. Johnson's zany celebrations included proposing to a cheerleader, performing CPR on a football, using a pylon to putt the ball and the Irish Chase Edmonds Jersey jig. T.O.'s stunts included pulling a marker from his sock and signing the Cheap Rams Jerseys ball, Cheap Authentic Dallas Cowboys Jerseys borrowing a cheerleader's pom-poms, eating a fan's popcorn and doing sit-ups.
Joe Horn once pulled a cellphone from under the goal post and called his Miami Dolphins Jersey Throwback children from the end zone. Ickey Woods had the shuffle. Tim Tebow went Cheap Football Jerseys China "Tebowing." Deion Sanders high-stepped and pranced. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson was the original with his "Funky Chicken" and "Six Shooter" dances.

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